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Discover the serene opulence of nature with Woodland Reserve's "Sugar Pine and Patchouli" Fragrance Oil, a harmonious blend that redefines the essence of woodland freshness. This luxurious fragrance oil begins with unexpected yet delightful top notes of zesty lime and juicy pear, lending a unique, delicate sweetness to the robust evergreen profile. These vibrant notes artfully complement the heart of the fragrance: the deep, earthy tones of patchouli and the herbal whisper of sage. This verdant heart is meticulously anchored by a trio of base notes – the resinous depth of balsam, the tranquil essence of pine, and the rich, woody warmth of cedarwood, creating a grounding yet uplifted experience. Infused with natural essences of orange, lemon, lime, balsam, and juniper, "Sugar Pine and Patchouli" is more than a scent; it's a journey through a tranquil forest sanctuary, offering a moment of calm luxury in your daily routine.

Woodland Reserve

  • For those with that beard that either drives us crazy with fly away hairs or gets too frizzy in the humidity we use a beard balm or butter. Both are similar by definition so we use both for this one. Made with our organic oils that made our beard oils famous plus shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax. All of the butters we use are deodorized to prevent that strong nutty fragrance from seeping through. Use as a deep conditioner for your beard. When oils soak in the balm is a little heavier so it stays on the hairs, thickening and conditioning throughout the day. The beeswax dries and provides control for that clean groomed look.  During summer months the shipping can melt the balm. Before opening make sure the balm sits in an air conditioned space until hardened back up. Some sweating may occur with temperature changes, this is normal.

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