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Ingredients below


Veteran Owned

Made in USA

Our Philosophy

(why we do it, our credo, our thang)


Most men go through a beard phase. Some try it, shave it off when it gets itchy or trim it so it looks like it just started growing in. Then there is that special guy that wants to show his manhood to the world in the form of a big beautiful flowing facial masterpiece! They come in thin, thick, wavy, black, red, gray and combinations of infinite proportions. As I grew mine past the norm for the first time I realized it was full of gray, red and brown hair, all with what seemed like different types of hair. I looked a mess. I started using any beard oil I found at the local grocery store then received a box set for a Christmas present. Each one worked ok but I found myself critiquing it to be too oily, greasy, not good enough smell, gave me pimples or just kind of well....meh. My better half suggested I make my own. So started a journey down a rabbit hole of experimentation with essential oils, carrier oils and fragrances. Finally I found that perfect blend of natural carrier oils and fragrance that smells manly, thickens my beard, tames the frizz, shines, moisturizers.....well you get the picture. We use a much larger proportion of oils like Jojoba which is the closest oil to the oils your skin produces naturally. All of our fragrances are skin and body safe which means it wont make you break out or BURN your face like some essential oils.

I believe in it so much, here are the secret ingredients and why!!

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